ARRIVAL-THE JOURNEY TRIBUTE set out to re-create the music of the
legendary rock band, Journey, and have become the Preeminent
Journey tribute band! Lead by powerhouse Lead Vocalist, Vic Harris, the
band members put their heart and soul into every performance and have
become a must have-must see band for Fairs and Festivals, Large
Concert Venues, Casinos and Hotels, Community Concerts, Private, and
Corporate Events.

ARRIVAL-THE JOURNEY TRIBUTE will get your blood pumping to
Journey classics like Stone in Love, Separate Ways, and Don't Stop
Believin! Sing along to the power ballads you never forgot the words to
like Faithfully, Lights, and Open Arms! Everyone knows and loves the
music of Journey! USA Today named Journey as the 5th Best American
Rock Band in History!

ARRIVAL-THE JOURNEY TRIBUTE takes you on a live musical roller
coaster ride of Journey's timeless hits from the 70's, 80's, 90's & today!
The band is made up of five seasoned veterans of the Cleveland rock
scene. Each band member has mastered his craft to bring you the most
amazing replication of Journey's sensational sound and will surely make
you feel like you’re at one of Journey’s live concerts!

“Our goal at every performance is to re-create the music of Journey the
audience remembers and loves.”

Call (216) 702-3671 today to reserve your date.

Best wishes and Don’t Stop Believin!
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